Permits &

All work along the shoreline requires approval from Alabama Power Shoreline Management. 

You may contact the Alabama Power Shoreline Management office at the following numbers:

Logan Martin: (205) 472-0481

Lay Lake: (205) 755-4420

Neely Henry: (205) 472-0481

For more information from Alabama Power Shoreline Management, click here.

Lake Tuscaloosa permits may be obtained by calling (205) 349-0279 or by emailing lakes@tuscaloosa.com.

Once obtained, please send us a copy of your Alabama Power permit that is labeled “Builder’s Copy”. We cannot begin your project until we receive appropriate approval from Alabama Power. 

Rules & Regulations

According to the lake, there are regulations on maximum distance from the shoreline, as well as maximum square footage allowed. You can find these guidelines below. 

Logan Martin    Maximum Distance: 80′  Maximum Square Footage: 1220′

Lay Lake             Maximum Distance: 50′  Maximum Square Footage: 1220′

Neely Henry      Maximum Distance: 50′  Maximum Square Footage: 1220′

Weiss Lake          Maximum Distance: 80′  Maximum Square Footage: 1220′ 

Tuscaloosa        Maximum Distance: 40′ Maximum Square Footage: 1750′


*Note: Maximum Distance includes walkway.